Who We Are

My name is Humberto Arevalo, and I’m the owner of Ecof, a furniture store in El Paso, Texas that also ships to Las Cruces, New Mexico. We started Ecof in 2013, frustrated with the lack of quality furniture choices online. Our belief is that budget and location shouldn’t be an obstacle for choosing modern houseware styles. Over the next few years, we intend on providing high-quality, low-cost home furnishings to the entire southwest United States. No matter whether you’re purchasing a single product – or furnishing an entire home – you deserve special, everyday deals.

Our Vision

At Ecof, our main focus is to provide the best, most affordable furniture prices for a wide range of furniture styles. With our mid-range home furnishing products and fast shipping, you cut out the middleman, expensive showroom rent, and various overhead costs. With us you’re not sacrificing quality, just cutting down expenses you should never have to pay in the first place. Our customers deserve the best purchase value, and we stand behind our great offers.

Whether you love the sleek lines of modern furnishings – or are simply looking to outfit your garden or patio – Ecof has everything you need to fit your budget and your personal style. Our site is constantly being updated with new models like affordable sofa sets, which we hope will provide inspiration and new bargains to all of our guests. We believe in creating memories by making high-quality, low-cost home furnishings easily available to you.

Design enthusiasts and new home owners will love the flexibility we provide! Make room for hosting guests and family members. Create a cozy atmosphere that will contribute to the best movie and game nights ever. At Ecof, you’ll be sure to discover new trends that will make your favorite rooms stand out from the crowd! Treat yourself to our beautiful, functional collections. They range from contemporary to traditional living, as well as classic designs that go beyond the flow of seasons, and shifts in taste and aesthetics.

We’re family-owned, and treat our customers as an extension of that family, deserving of the best purchasing experiences possible. We’re proud of our top-notch customer service, which makes furniture shopping with Ecof easy and enjoyable. Our knowledgeable representatives are 100% committed to getting your orders shipped and delivered on time.

Feel free to contact us with any questions at contact@ecofus.com, or give us a call Monday-Friday (10-6) and Saturday (10-5) at (915)313-4110. We look forward to helping you make your house a home!